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Psychotherapy can be helpful for a range of issues, the list below might be useful in identifying what you are seeking help for: 


    ⦿ Abuse & Trauma    ⦿ Anxiety    ⦿ Body related issues    ⦿ Communication difficulties    ⦿ Depression

⦿ Family relationship difficulties    ⦿ Life transitions and change   ⦿ Loss, separation and bereavement

⦿ Low self esteem and confidence    ⦿ Personal development    ⦿ Separations and divorce    ⦿ Social anxiety   

⦿ Social media addiction    ⦿ Stress- related issues


                       While I work with the above range of issues, my specialist areas are:

  • Anxiety

  • Societal Pressures

  • Trauma and complicated family dynamics

  • Women who feel under pressure to start a family 

  • Family and community pressures within the Jewish community

  • Helping clients establish a stronger sense of self, while working on lack of confidence and low self esteem

I offer a private and confidential space where you can learn about yourself and be held in your experience, whatever that might be. Trust is an essential quality to hold if we are going to engage with life fully and enter into, and maintain, relationships. 


This underpins my approach to psychotherapy, and I hope, in time we can build a trusting relationship where you  can use therapy as space to truly be yourself. Life can be challenging, and often we muddle through daily unequipped, at times feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, lost, stuck and sad, or perhaps we need some extra help. 


Having the opportunity to explore yourself and your life circumstances in a safe and confidential way, being listened to without judgment has a transformative effect in itself.


The purpose of this session is to explore your therapy requirements and how I might be able to help you. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about therapy. As part of my commitment to good practice, during this first session I will be taking a personal history from you, which will include taking your GP details. If we are both happy to proceed, we would agree a number of sessions to begin with, usually eight. These first few sessions allow us to explore what you wish to work through.


There are no right or wrong answers as to how many sessions there should be. The length of the therapy is tailored to you and what you are looking for from your therapy. We would regularly review together the number of sessions and your goals of the therapy.


Therapy and counselling for individuals is a regular weekly commitment. If we both feel that my services could be beneficial to you we would agree a regular weekly time, this would be your appointment time. As this time is reserved specifically for you there is a cancellation notice period of 5 days. 


All sessions are paid before each session by bank transfer. Missed or cancelled sessions without the 5 days notice given, are paid in full by bank transfer. All sessions are 50 minutes from your appointment time.

Image by Cole Keister
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